Thursday, 20 June 2013

Awkward hello's

This being my inaugural blog post I was planning something cool, like a giveaway or competition or anything equally awesome. However, since I;
1)don’t have any followers, 
2) have no interesting ideas whatsoever,
I figured I might as well follow the usual trend and introduce myself.

I’m Indie, I’m 15 and I’m massively obsessed with fashion, music, books and pretty much any other type of creative art. I’m a total runway junkie, and as of yesterday I have about 12 designer directory/illustration books (all hardback and incredibly heavy), and god knows how many photography books. Most of these I buy on eBay because I am a teenager and something of a cheapskate.
 I have no idea how to describe my style other than quite eclectic. I love crazy prints and bright things but I dress like your average grumpy teenager and most of the time I’ll be seen slopping around in black jeans, an oversized t-shirt and some kind of checked shirt or bomber jacket (I own millions of these). In spite of this my main passion in life is pastel colours, and I love kawaii things.

I don’t know how these posts are supposed to end, so bye x