Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Baddassery on the runway: 4 fur coats from HELL

Clearing through my computer today, some of the couture photos I've saved over the years are weird. Like, really weird. I've come to the conclusion that my thought process in 2011 was; if it looks like something Cruella DeVil would wear, save it. That would be the case especially in these photos. So here's 4 fur coats fit for a fashion-savvy psychopath:

A fur coat by Meadham Kirchoff- if you look really closely, you'll see it has a face. Prepare to shit yourself.

Jeremy Scott clearly likes his fur in clashing and unnatural colours. But I will give him credit for the colours on the iridescent skirt. 

Congratulations to Versace to finding and skinning whatever creature this is, because I sure as hell have never seen one.

Chanel 2010 proves that Yetis do exist

Expect more posts like this while I continue to clear out my laptop, THE FUN NEVER HAS TO END.