Monday, 8 July 2013


Wheeee I can't even explain how excited I am this summer, although I admit I've spent the entirety of  the last 2 days asleep/eating/watching movies with the cat (he likes watching adventure time, I think the the bright colours make him happy)- I know this summer is going to be AWESOME

Had an awesome week and went to Wagamamamas on the last day with a couple buddies, which was a pretty cool way to end the year and I got a load of cute photos out of it.

I haven't finished editing any of the photos from wagamamamas yet, but here are some I made earlier (forgot to post on Friday, whoopsie):

                                  PHOTO STALKIN' TIIMEEE                                                         

We had a geography lesson minus teacher, so we got excited and went a bit crazay with the board pens 
#swagfest  #yolo
 Hannah (left) did the awesome illustrations and I did the slightly lopsided flowers (that's me on the right with awkward face) 

Phoebe & Ciaran catching some rays- Me & Phoebe's summer playlist is coming soon woowoo

 Kate's inspiring message to the world and everyone at our school- Fuck you all

Oh hey look it's Kate again- it looks here like she swears a lot but don't judge her she's actually very lovely. I caught Alex (right) mid-blink -sorry about that alex

I didn't want to edit this so much just because it's such a cute photo. Basically Kate and Luce (right) were attacking Max (the poor guy in the middle) with an overpriced foam sword I bought in the school gift shop. 
I have about a dozen photos of this but it's hard not to make my friends look crazy when they're attacking someone with a big foam sword.

So that's basically all of the useable photos I took on Friday (the rest are either overly sexual or really offensive). I've got a load more from Saturday to edit so I'll be ON IT LIKE A CAR BONNET.

Also look out for some Bangaranging summer playlists coming SOON