Thursday, 15 August 2013

Things I need #2

This dress is the most holy mother damn beautiful thing i've ever seen and I bloody need one now.

The velvet mini dress by Saint Laurent, available here at net-a-porter for £1,185

This dress is so perfect and it could literally be worn with anything, daytime or at night and I swear to god I could wear this every day for the rest of my life. Aaaahh perfection. Oh and also I made a little mini-me doll thing with the Adventure Time princess maker :O She's called Indiana and she'll be featuring a lot over the next few weeks because she's awesome and really  fun to dress up (I FOUND MY GRAPHICS TAB AAHH). ThIs  FoRmAt Is So AnNoYiNg I cAn'T eVeN aRgH....  
Indiana's wearing the Pilot clutch bag by Rag & Bone
 and some random boots I found on polyvore
 (possibly from all saints)