Wednesday, 11 September 2013

New bloggie blogg and this weeks' inspirations

So as you all know my original tumblr (indie-foxx), which I've had for like 3 years now is monumentally screwed. I think it's my fault, i messed around with the theme too much and it just died. I've now given up on it and instead of messing things up further, I just decided to set up a new one.
 So HERE IT IS. It's called Naive-te because naivete was taken :( #Sadness
I also have a private moodboard kind of blog in the works which i'll link you guys to at some point later on. Whee self-promo screenieee

Moving on, I also have this weeks' inspirations ready to post. I know I always forget to do this but one of my september resolutions is to stop forgetting, so i'm going to work on that. Here they aree


Oohh its a phone on a background of glitter :O Honestly, I have no idea why i like this. 

Rebecca Minkoff SS13. mmmm, pastels :)

I can't believe I still haven't seen Pulp Fiction. I'm posting this partly just to remind myself to watch it. 

I wish I knew who this was by, gotta love a little pop art

Digital art by DomSebastian (tumblr)

Also if you guys are wondering why I'm posting on a wednesday afternoon rather than sunday as usual, its because I have the BLACK DEATH, and I've been home all day moping around and feeling sorry for myself. But now I'm better which means I have like 3 hours to do all my homework and revise and clean my room and solve world hunger. And also I have to be in bed by 10. Wish me luck