Friday, 27 September 2013

Personal things and Blackbird Blackbirds

So it's been another one of those weeks where there havent been enough hours in the day and I'm getting really bad at this whole regular blogging thing. Aaahh stressfulness

On Friday I went to see my bestie in hospital and I wore the pikachu onesie and surprised her and we just kind of sat in bed and talked about crap and I made her a scoubidou bracelet. awwhh funtimess.

Saturday night was my friends' 16th party, and we basically just danced and played pranks on people and went on the trampoline and did average party stuff. Also I think at some point someone picked me up and threw me in the pool with all my clothes on and i spent about an hour in the pool house wrapped in a towel while my clothes dried. That was probably the highlight of my night. wheee photos

 aww my friends are so cuutee
WHOA WHAT THERE WERE SPARKLERS? I dont remember sparklers :O

aaand those are all the photos I have from saturday night.. 
The rest of my week was pretty average, I went to a 6th form open day on Wednesday, and made a couple of improvements on my art coursework- which I started IN JULY. If you can't remember that far back here's a little before & after giiffff

That's kind of it.. pretty average week
MUSIC TIIMEEE- This week it's Pure by Blackbird Blackbird, enjoy!