Wednesday, 9 October 2013

LFW highlights: Ashish

So now London Fashion Week is officially over (like 3 weeks ago), I figured it was time I actually did some posting about it. But while I wasn't actually at any of the shows, or even in London for the duration of fashion week, I didn't need to be, because the magical portal of magic that is the internet has every photo I could possibly have imagined, fashion week included. Thanks, internet.
 I'm doing these posts in alphabetical order so Ashish gets to go first wheeeee

 This season everything from sporty polos to shopping bags were COVERED in sequins. This is what I love about Ashish. Why buy plain old trackpants when you could buy them green, iridescent and made of all things sparkling? Logic.

Supposedly inspired by that morning-after trip to the corner shop for some hangover-curing berocca, Ashish Gupta is clearly a fan of the party girl lifestyle. NGL, I think I'm a fan of those crazy sequin shopping bags.

Congratulations to Mr Ashish for making possibly the least graceful thing in the word (a shopping bag with a pineapple in it), look good.
That's all for today folks!

P.S. Sorry about the huge huge delay with this post. I've been doing a ton of work recently and revision and just average boring things and it sucks and GCSES are stoopid. Argh. I need to work out an easier routine for this whole blogging thing. Sorry guys!