Sunday, 16 February 2014

Bitchcraft and Broomsticks at Sister by Sibling

Witching hour is upon us

 I've long been a fan of Sibling and their insane knitwear styles, but this season my outlook on them changed from 'badass' to 'holy shit badass' and now I don't know what to do but wait for autumn to roll around so I can finally invest in a few of these bad-boy knits.

This season was considerably darker than Sibling's other runway ventures, and we saw models glide down the runway in heavy crocheted and laddered dresses, gathered around black stilettos and topped off with a wide-brimmed floppy hat (reminiscent of the American Horror Story witches). Hair flowed free and badass attitude reigned supreme. 

At one point one of the models (above, far right) even abandoned her stilettos in an act of defiance and trotted down the runway in her socks. It turns out that this was not as purposeful as her attitude might make you think, I found out from one of the internet tabloid outlets that this was in fact a shoe-caught-in-dress-situation, and in an attempt to save herself from a VERY embarrassing fall (see Lindsey Wixson at Versace SS12), this model simply kicked off her heels and left them strewn across the catwalk for someone else to trip over later (needless to say the move was met by some pretty horrified gasps). But hey, it could have been worse..

I love Lindsey Wixson dearly but this is not good.

Song of the week: Recover (Kingdom Remix) by CHVRCHES