Sunday, 2 February 2014

How to be a Heather (or a Veronica)

I've long been a fan of 80s and 90s movies- Heathers in particular. It's easily the darkest of the cult teen movies- addressing no-go topics like suicide and angst-fuelled-mass-murder. I won't give away too much if you haven't already seen it, but you need to. It's dark and witty and just incredible.
 Anyways, the point of this post was not just to rave about Heathers and its weird subject matter; I have recently discovered (and become obsessed with) the Heathers' way of dressing (well, the Veronica way of dressing in particular), and I wanted to share it with you.
From left to right: Heather Duke, Heather McNamara, Heather Chandler, Veronica Sawyer. Remember this.
Where the 3 Heathers flaunt power suits and scrunchies in one of three colours (Red, Green and Yellow respectively), Veronica opts for boots, brooches, and blazers in black and blue. Her style is oversized and unassuming; button-up shirts with midi skirts and baggy cardigans, accessorised with any kind of blue socks and a monocle. You can duplicate her look pretty easily with a quick trip to the charity shop and perhaps a rummage in your grandparents' wardrobe, just don't go too crazy. 
 Anyways, here are some of Veronica's signature styles, complete with the teenage scowl of death. 

In the cafeteria; a patchwork blazer with statement earrings and a white shirt, complete with a blue vintage brooch. 
That blue-y thing is a dress, but i'm not entirely sure what to call it?? I love the whole shirt-brooch thing she's doing, though, and the bowler hat is awesome.
This is by far my favourite outfit of the whole movie. A navy buttoned-up shirt under a grey jumper with a navy-embroidered kimono thrown on top. I'm so doing this.
An oversized, shoulder-padded blazer in navy with matching knee-length shorts and corsage, baby blue shirt and tights. Still rocking the brooch-pinned-shirt-button-thing though. Proceed with caution on this one; it's easy to look like a stick insect in his grandpa's clothes when wearing things this oversized.