Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Valentines day edit

Model taken from the American Apparel site, edited by me
The arrival of February and the countdown to Valentines’ every year seems to bring out an awful lot of the colour pink; on hearts, teddies, mass-produced cards, and any other generally tacky things you can think of. You should all know by now that pink, hearts, teddies and tacky things are my calling, so behold, my 2014 VALENTINES DAY EDIT.

 I know that Valentines' Day tends to come with its own set of sartorial rules, but you don’t have to dress as a care bear to face your loved-up-peers on Friday. Be the girl who rocked up to school in a sassy t-shirt (‘I Don’t Think of You That Often’ tee from The Orphan’s Arms), silky skirt (D&G at the Outnet) and biker boots (you can find those by yourself).
 Alternatively, be a care bear and go for the pastel overlayed minidress from Mulberry (I can’t say I’ve ever been the romantic type but hey, whatever floats your boat). Accessorise with Red Lolita Sunglasses (A-Morir), Teddy bear phone cases (Moschino), Glittery heart-shaped hairclips (Hannah Zakari), a pink Timex watch (they will never be out of fashion, the colours are just too cool), and a Lovehearts perspex clutch bag (Charlotte Olympia).

Happy Valentines, Everybody!

Song of the week: Got It (Blood Diamonds remix)