Saturday, 15 March 2014

Nick Thomm X Mercy-Merci

I know I already wrote about Nick Thomm (and his beautiful, independently-published brainchild; SRC783), a while back, but his recent collaboration with the psychedelic vibes of australian export Mercy-Merci boutique was a tryst worth talking about. Thomm’s distorted visions of the ultimate girl gang are spray painted red, pink, purple and blue; with the kind of detached ethereality you might expect from the supermodels of an alien race.

In a post-apocalyptic digital wasteland, Mercy-Merci's girl gang is the one you don’t fuck with.

Mercy-Merci itself is a haven for crystalline souls. Imagine Jennifer Mehigan and M.I.A in an underground LSD cave with stacks of t-shirts and an endless supply of acid; and you’ll pretty much have the mercy-merci aesthetic down. My personal favourites include the Peggy Noland 'In Stitches' skirt and Your Mom Lies' David tee.

Support your local girl gang- edit
crystal vision- edit featuring the Peggy Noland skirt I've only dreamed of
My song of the week this week is Kaleidoscope Love (Kaytranada Edition) by AlunaGeorge, stay stoked everybody x