Monday, 7 April 2014

A 3 step guide on how to make someone's day and vastly improve their week: #FarfetchHero

Step 1: Be a huge online boutique and sell pieces by every cool designer in the known universe (i.e. be Farfetch)
Step 2: Send beautiful bohemian jewellery (i.e by Aurelie Bidermann) to bedbound teenage bloggers (i.e. me with sprained ankle, currently watching the entire season boxset of Twin Peaks and ruthlessly liking pretty things on Google+)
Step 3: Add the hashtag #FarfetchHero and give teenage blogger a few hours to scream and kiss her computer screen while she tries to gets her head around the whole idea of actually winning something


I'd like to say a massive thankyou to both Farfetch and Soho Soho boutique for the blue/gold braided cuff in this photo! I'll be sure to post more photos soon when I'm actually capable of leaving my bed <3 

Song of the week: Deep Green by Marika Hackman