Saturday, 26 April 2014

Life Aquatic with Cassandra Verity Green

Cassandra Verity Green is one of Central Saint Martin's most recent creative exports. Fresh out of the graduate tank and still amassing attention from her legendary first collection (Neptune's daughter, 2013), CVG is new talent at its finest. Inspired by childhood tales of life in a seaside town, beauty pageants and synchronised swimmers, Neptune's Daughter is a heartfelt ode to the ocean. 

Her style is vibrant, effervescent even, unique and unexpected. Beads saturated with lively colours, the use of strange plastic tubing and rich mossy fabrics are something I've never seen the likes of before. But the real show-stealer for me was the fishbowl backpack; controversial but innovative and beautiful nonetheless. Don't worry, no animals were harmed in the making and the goldfish used were very well looked-after :)

 Song of the week- Swimming Pools (Blood Diamonds remix)
It seemed appropriate..
Have a good weekend everybody x