Saturday, 31 May 2014

Lazy Oaf's Summer 2014 Lookbook is bringing 80s nostalgia and comic strips back into style

So I get that the Lazy Oaf SS14 collection has already been exhaustively blogged to death, but there is a reason for that- It's just so damn pretty! You know that I hate to jump on the trend bandwagon, but I feel that in this case, it's TOTALLY necessary.
 I've always been a huge fan of Lazy Oaf; the way casual button-ups and comfy tees are emblazoned with sharp lines and bold prints is iconic- like a clean, fresh take on 90s era Moschino, minus the triple-figure price tag. Their style is both modern and retro, with urban animations and bright colours printed onto soft and basic shapes like smock dresses and oversized jumpers. It's so easy and effortless to pull off, you could throw one of their slogan tees onto Napoleon Dynamite and he'd instantly look like a badass, despite the whole corduroy/80s prescription glasses/ugly shoes combo.

This season is no exception to my obsession affection for all things Oaf. The Summer 2014 lookbook is a combination of eye-catching prints, ironic graphic tees and 80s nostalgia icons (lots of rainbows and dolphins). There's a t-shirt for Tuesdays, a patched-up denim jacket in commemoration of your childhood; and even an 'UGLY' pink crop top (oh, the irony). Check it out:

Running side-by-side with the summer collection is, of course, THE LAZY OAF X GARFIELD COLLAB. In keeping with the whole pastel/kawaii/retro badass theme, ice-cream colours and feminine shapes are combined with furry heels and the strong presence of Garfield printed onto every wearable surface. I'll have 10 of everything, please.

My song of the week this week is Sea Of Voices by Porter Robinson (RAC mix)- enjoy :)

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