Tuesday, 22 July 2014

An ode to bed hair in the hipster capital of the world

I know that I've never written about anything even relating to beauty products before, however there is a first time for everything and 4 days into my month-long stay in France I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch party for Bed Head's new space in Boxpark (Shoreditch). Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend, but having spent the last few years as an avid Bed Head fan and frequent visitor to London's hipster hotspot- I figured I could at least tell you a few things about the two.
 A short walk from Great Eastern Street tube station is a huge collection of storage containers-turned-independent boutiques where grown men travel by skateboard and individuality is key. I have to say the concept is pretty awesome, and Boxpark itself is easily within walking distance of almost every cool hangout in Eastern London.

 Bed Head is also very well-known to me, I bought one of their 'Superstar' hairsprays a few years ago and never really went back. For starters it smelled better than anything else I've ever bought- and I've never been complimented on the smell of my hairspray before- and secondly it's somehow managed to last me and probably will until I retire. I've tried and given up on pretty much every other hair brand (my long and mega-fine hair will forever be the bane of my existence, next to my inherited tendency for freckles), and the fact that there are actual products in existence purely for that natural, just-rolled-out-of-bed-with-fantastic-hair look is (at least in my opinion) THE BEST THING EVER.
 If you get the time, check out the Bed Head Boxpark Hairspace and PLEASE, send me photos! (I'm in France well into the middle of next month). Have an awesome day guys :)

My song of the week this week is C O O L by Le Youth. Enjoy :)