Friday, 13 February 2015


Well how time flies and suddenly it's been a whole year since my Valentine's Day edit!

I'm now half way through my first year of boarding school, and while I haven't actually done any A-level related work since December (the last time I posted), I did get up to a whole lot of other stuff. I stayed in Chiswick for a week over christmas and recorded a song for Darkspin Records (but more on that later), took a shot at interior design in my apartment and ended up on a spending-spree (I now have a giant polar bear as a bedside table), bleached the ends of my hair to shit and dyed them mermaid blue; and secured my future bankruptcy by investing in a whole new winter wardrobe and a small collection of (vintage, never new) fur coats. Alas, I feel myself slowly transitioning from a lazy teenager into a lazy adult.
Wednesdays forever- TV and booze sesh with Morgana
Anyways, enough about me. I've found a lot of cool things on the magical interwebs this month. Here's a moodboard I made earlier, to illustrate my point and also feelings about my life right now.

From far left: reversible shearling coat from Miu Miu @ Net-a-Porter, cropped floral sweater from MSGM @ Farfetch, rainbow striped skirt from Valentino @ Farfetch, model in sequin cat top by Phiney Pet, catwalk model in Zahia Dehar, girl with plaits and Louis Vuitton handbag from Arvida Bystrom

So let's start with Arvida Bystrom. She's a photography-based artist and model (the one with the pink hair up there ^^^), with an affinity for pastel colours and gradients. Her subjects are babes with pastel-perfect hair, set against a gradient colour backdrop, giving off a type of ethereal serenity that we all crave to possess. Check her out:

Next up is epic lingerie designer Zahia Dehar, a protege of Karl Lagerfeld and the ultimate business role model. Zahia debuted at Paris fashion week, having been exposed in the french press as an underage prostitute, and managed to use her notoriety as a tool for success. I've been obsessed with her SS13 collection since I stumbled upon it 2 years ago, have a looksie:

Last on my moodboard hit-list is Phiney Pet, a London-based womenswear label with childhood nostalgia at its core. Seriously, where can I find this stuff? Cue epic animal illustrations and sequins on EVERYTHING:

Hamma beads on clothes = Life 

This week I recorded a song for my school's student podcast; it's a cover of Youth by Daughter and I had to record it in one take so please bear that in mind as I expose my soul to you across the black void that is the internet.
 Have a good week everybody :)