Friday, 20 February 2015

The Pre-Spring 2015 edit

Yes, that is a thing now and no, I probably won't be posting a Spring edit considering it's now (approximately) 10 days until the turn of the season and I'm in bed with some kind of bug and about 12 different 'natural' cold remedies in my system; Hence I have taken to photoshop. 

 My plan for this half term was to be in Paris, with my friends, and fashion week, and lots and lots of Sobranie cigarettes; however it hasn't quite worked out. I'm ill, broke, and I think I've left it too late to book plane tickets. Also I have nothing new to wear apart from a few fur coats, an alexander wang cutout dress which now has chocolate on it (I fell into a chocolate fountain- don't ask) and some vintage Jamie Hewlett tshirts (courtesy of my once-fashionable mother).
 So until I get my life sorted, my half term is going to entail lots and lots (and lots) of blogging.
 I'm done moaning, here's my Pre-Spring Edit:
And all of the pretty things in it, all available at

My song of the week is Break The Rules (Odesza Remix) by Charli XCX, enjoy :)