Friday, 17 July 2015

Autopsied care bears @ KITSCH MONTH

Another month in France is another month spent desperately trying to escape the intensive heat and keep my body temperature under 500 degrees. However, it's also another month spent on my laptop on a fairly regular basis; and you know what that means- BLOGGIN TIIIMEEE

I've recently discovered the tacky-rainbow-fun-ness that is the kitsch artwork, and now it's my undebated favourite thing in the universe EVER. So behold, the rest of July will now be dubbed KITSCH MONTH.

Prepare for a good 3 weeks of (hopefully) fairly regular blog posts featuring cool kitsch artists, photos, fashion and people.

Up first: Autopsied care bears- complete with vital organs and skulls intact.

Ever wondered what's inside your favourite care bear/other miscellaneous cuddly toy? Do they really have a huge heart filled with love or is it just your average lump of bloody muscle with some lungs and a rib cage? Jason Freeny has figured it all out for you, and he's even left one half of the characters intact for mega-kitsch value. GIVE ME ONE OF THESE BAD BOYS NOW.

 See the full collection and shop Jason's teddy-natomy here!

My song of the week this week is Lean On by Major Lazer/DJ Snake/Mø
Don't sigh, I love Mø and this song is of great sentimental value to me