Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Hamptons//Babydoll shoot

While I was in Nice I got the super awesome chance to shoot my dear friend Fleur with the super awesome camera I got for crimbo. There's not much I can say about these photos but we bought a load of rainbow-coloured makeup and random accessories in a €1 store and I kinda went crazy. So here they are, a small collection of photos born out of a month of intensive heat with very little to do.



This was our first shoot EVER, and all the photos went straight onto instagram (hence the weird format). Fleur pretty much broke my internet with these so I figured, who doesn't wanna see a little amateur photography once in a while?

TOP: La Perla
SKORT: Model's own
SHOES: Marc by Marc Jacobs
PHONE: Moschino
BAG: Allsaints
BAG CHARM: My Little Pony (so cute!)

In between shooting 'Hamptons' and 'Babydoll', we had a weirdo makeover party, and Fleur's gonna hate me for sharing this but we discovered that eyeshadow + clear lipgloss = way cool glossy eyes


We were much more prepared for 'Babydoll', having finally got the hang of using my camera, I did the glossy eyes one more time and spent about half and hour dipping a hairbrush into the pool and kind of flicking it at Fleur. Despite the weird 3pm lighting, I gotta say, it all worked out pretty well. Is it bad for me to say I'm kinda proud of these? 

ALL CLOTHES: Model's own

So there you have it! You can follow both me (please) and fleur on instagram, and I'll be posting more of these weirdo teen photoshoots up here soon!
Me: @indiglofox
Fleur: @fleurr_a

My song of the week this week is I Met You by Anna Lunoe & Flume, enjoy :)

a cloud went over when I took this one- but it's still pretty cute, right?