Saturday, 26 December 2015

Hello, København

Scandi style
^ It was literally this or the exact same outfit with leather shorts all week. Never underestimate the power of comfort ^

Backpack: Fendi

Jumper: American Vintage

Jeans: Rag & Bone

Ever woken up and wished you could just get on a plane, pick a city and explore? Yeah me too, so one crappy wednesday morning (wednesday being the most average of the weekdays) I booked a £20 flight, packed a bag and dragged my stress-wracked self to Copenhagen for the week.
jumper: American Vintage, jeans: Rag & Bone
The first difference I noticed in Copenhagen is the air: it's a more crisp and refreshing kind of cold than the sodding british winter we're all used to. This made traipsing around the city all day in 4 degree weather a weirdly pleasant experience, and within a few hours of landing in Denmark, my budget for the week was blown.

Literally me by hour two in danish Selfridges (I think it's called illum)
Scandi style is different to that in the rest of Europe; it's super laid back, clean cut and mega comfy. Heels and flashy bags are totally impractical and overrated, hand-knitted jumpers are in, and the heaven-sent Acne 'Velocite' coat is a must-have. This place was sartorial heaven on Earth for me.

 The (free) Statens Museum for Kunst became my favourite place to chill out, with a cafe backing into the park and loads of quiet places to curl up and read for a few hours when the city centre got too hectic.

Painting taken from the Statens Museum for Kunst
Dress: Gudrun & Gudrun
Boots: Toga Pulla
Leather collar: Creepyyeha
Leather cuff: Josephine Bergsøe
All other jewellery: Maria Black

I discovered a few great gems in Copenhagen: the quartz and diamond skull necklaces of Josephine Bergsøe, the minimalist and ingenious twisted earrings at Maria Black, and most notably, the handmade, multi-coloured and multi-textured jumpers of Faroese knitwear brand Gudrun & Gudrun (there'll be more on them another time)
My instant reaction at the Gudrun & Gudrun pop-up store
Shop Copenhagen below, and enjoy my song of the week! :)

At the Statens Museum for Kunst