Saturday, 20 February 2016

Today I was Joan Jett's weirdo twin

It's been a slow few months, to say the least. I've been working illegal hours trying to get all of my school work done and my spare time is being spent on multiple secret projects and arty experiments (to be uploaded fairly soon). But, come summer, I'll finally be free of bogus standardised exam boards and lengthy coursework, and writing/drawing/etc full time!

Today wasn't intended to be spent writing and photoshopping, but I woke up in a weirdo mood, threw on a (new) denim t-shirt and my (previously unworn) leather trousers, and took to the interwebs for 4 hours of hardcore shopping (and watching half a season of Scream Queens- the love of my life). My odd mood today has been inspired by a weeklong movie marathon and very little sleep; last night I watched 'The Runaways' (again) and this morning I decided to become Joan Jett (or her weirdo twin) for the day.

Top: Michael Kors
So I guess you could say this edit (made in a sheer attempt at procrastination) is in part inspired by the 70's (not that I was alive to see them myself), and in part down to the new Gucci collection which is, lo-and-behold, wearable. Florals, pastels, muted 70s prints; it's all very calm and geek chic, and the floral leather jacket is a personal favourite.

Cherie wears top by Valentino. Sandals from Saint Laurent, vest from Gucci,  skirt from Maje,  bangle from Saint Laurent

Embroidered denim set from Valentino, leather jacket from Gucci, all sandals from Miu Miu

All items from Gucci
Shop the items from this edit above^^

My song of the week this week is Who Cares If You Exist by Peacock Affect, enjoy :)