Friday, 24 June 2016

Current mood: a glittery, soft, pink mess

My current mood is the desire to be 7 again and playing fairies (I was more the vampire type growing up, totally missed the princess stage). In lieu of this, I am sat in my room beneath a plethora of my little pony posters, chain-smoking cigarettes in full fairy glitter makeup.

Unfortunately time travel has not yet been made possible; a small collection of nostalgic kawaii glitter things I've found, however, means that even if I can't go back in time to be a kiddy fairy, at least I can dress like one. Pastel ombr├ęs are my adult alternative to disney princess dresses, and the Olympia Le-Tan 'My Melody' book clutch means that it is now socially acceptable for me to use my primary school lunchbox as a high fashion accessory again. To this add some Chiara Ferragni 'donna' platforms and a penchant for glitter and I can become the fairy of my dreams.

Illustration by me. Moschino top, Olympia Le-Tan bag and Chiara Ferragni shoes


Keita Maryama AW16

Also these earrings by Trixy Starr are fab

Illustration by me, earrings by Trixy Starr

My song of the day today is Murakami by Made in Heights