Monday, 5 September 2016

Charlotte Lewis + Sisterhood

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Throwback to graduate fashion week SS15... Sisterhood is Powerful

If Dolores Haze were to kick Humbert's ass, steal his money and run away to kitschy suburbia, this is what I hope she would grow up to look like. For Charlotte Lewis's graduate collection, gingham and 70s erotica were paired perfectly with fluffy heels, daisies and blood red lipstick. Inspired by the desire to feel feminine without the objectification of the male gaze, Charlotte Lewis's sisterhood is taking back the overt sexuality of page 3 pin-ups for re-appropriation, making it symbolic of the unstoppable power we have over our own bodies. Note the embroidered pin-up girls and miniature pansy detailing for extra feminine symbolism <3

There are very few things I would not do to own this jacket.

collage of charlotte lewis top/jacket + images from 'Moon Sisters' lookbook

and also watch 'Girly' on SHOWStudio (which I'll cover another time)

Stills from 'Girly' + Charlotte Lewis's tumblr/moodboard images 

My song of the day is Timmy's Prayer by Sampha