Sunday, 4 September 2016

september feels: nihilistic, but also cute and pink

collage to sum up how i'm feeling. The pizza felt appropriate and also unemployment is a sad and lonely existence.


  • A teddy bear fucked up by Claire Barrow herself- give one of these bbys a home (bagsies the pink one). As well as being weirdly adorable these guys are also art which is more of a reason to adopt one (they want ur love):

  • These colours, just generally. Look like this to beat the winter blues, glossy eyes are in I think. Also follow @ines.alpha on insta for more.

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  • Luisa Beccaria. If i was a princess i would literally wear her stuff all day and to bed at night. Cue a combo of heavenly princess gowns and also quite 90s badass vibes- these are the clothes meg cabot dreamed of when she wrote the princess diaries. Also very much in adoration of the velvet chokers- give me one in every colour pls. 
Luisa Beccaria Fall 2016 looks:

does it come in black??

can we all appreciate the cashmere vest top though please?

so 90s i love it

  • Cute kiddy tats. Think kitschy temporary tattoos, but not temporary. Inspirations include cat-themed paint-by-numbers kits and grandmothers that knit.

  • Collaging. When boredom hits (yes, I'm still unemployed), hack up your mum's old vogues and make the world your moodboard. Just don't run with scissors.

I just felt that this needed to be included. emojis ftw by
  • Finally, pizza. But pizza is always great :)
My song of the day is Life Itself by Glass Animals, enjoy