Friday, 30 September 2016

Weekly Inspirations: Gothic revival and glitter pngs

It's been a weird few weeks. I went to fashion week for 3 days, and due to a combination of heavy baggage and exhaustion this was followed by 2 days of crying and laying flat on my back, a session of acupuncture and a whole lot of missed shows. I dyed my hair with the colours at the back of my bathroom cupboard and ended up looking like ursula, and had a whole load of street style photos taken with varying degrees of confusion (how? i have no clue). Also, one night I stayed with friends in a student house, ate my body weight in dominoes pizza and concussed myself on a radiator/doorframe/bannister (as of yet the identity of the offending object is undetermined). That's about it. Here are some images that inspired me to create a load of shitty artwork this week:

Luna by François-Léon Benouville 
Gothic Revival houses circa 1870 
Sad DIY tattoos

90s glitter pngs

Things inside jelly stickers (give me these now)

Kiddy art made by nihilistic adults

I'll leave you with one of very few selfies I took during fashion week, and Fire Hands by Plastic Mermaids. Enjoy :)