Monday, 3 October 2016

The trippy, iridescent texture art of Pyrrha Mood

It's been a weird weekend. In an attempt to channel my inner alien, I have locked myself inside my bedroom with paper, pens, paint, and 500g of assorted glitters. The result so far is either genius or terrible (depending on your feelings towards glitter and stick-people). What is the point of this, you might ask? I've been trying to avoid working and this is the most productive type of procrastination I could think of at 11am on a Friday. Stay tuned for the insta-updates if you can stomach art in tacky taste. So having done this, I spent an evening on tumblr looking at the type of art I'd been trying (and failing) to make, and then I found THIS.

Pyrrha Mood's art is like the dreamscape of an alien fairy on acid (i.e. my life goals). It's made up entirely of colours, with these crystalline and bubbling textures that I couldn't help but plaster all over my walls and snapchat feed (this is where I'd like to apologise to all the friends I spammed last night, but it was worth it). Naturally, the next thing I did was send the artist a super-keen instagram message, and here's what I learned:

What inspired you to start making these?

I was inspired by color and texture and combining them in interesting ways to create something new. I was already making magazine collages, but with digital art there's so much material to work with and the tools to edit everything to match your vision perfectly. So I got into figuring out how to integrate images seamlessly into a whole.

What is it exactly that you want to create?

I wanted to create visual representations of certain feelings. Fantastical, dreamlike states of experience not easily put into words.

How do you do it?

I use photoshop to combine the photos, some of which I take myself. Blend modes make it easy to create a double exposure effect, and then it's just a matter of fine tuning colour and levels.

Heavenly, right? Check out Pyrrha Mood art here.
My song of the day is Obedear by Purity Ring, enjoy :)