Monday, 10 October 2016

What the fuck did I do this week?

Not a lot. I've developed an addiction to chocolate tea and spent a lot of time painting stuff with pink glitter glue. I got hella narcissistic with a webcam and some weak green screen effects, wrote some angry poetry about bankers, and then tweeted my anger at the general straight white hypermasculine bro population.
 Here are some photos that I took // edited in the time between my last blog post and now.

hungover selfies with the shit glitched out of them

i was sad and so painted and glittered and i'm not sure what I created

me + morg went to Lilith Ai's launch party for delish vegan food and fab music, mmmmm great night

hair/life goals if being blonde wasn't out of the question for me

nonchalant but also perfect facial expression on point

hello hi i like your caspar the ghost tattoo

does any else's macbook photobooth do this? it's shitty but also excellent
I slept for 14 hours last night, expect nonsensical instagramming from now until about 5am