Open for commissions from June 25th 2016


I'm constantly on the lookout for new brands, artists, musicians and photographers (+etc) to write about, so if you are one of the above, today is your lucky day! You can email me at, or contact me through various other social networks (listed down the sidebar of this site). I can't guarantee that I'll be able to get back to every email straight away, but I do try to keep up!

Equally, if you have something that you'd like to contribute or recommend to me, send me a message! Likewise, I'm always happy to write for other publications, and if you're a small zine/magazine I'm happy to do this for free.

*** I'm currently particularly interested in current and graduated fashion students- if you are either, please contact me with a link to your portfolio.


I can make gifs, collages and other types of graphic artwork to fit any campaign or publication, and I have been doing so for over a year now with a number of clients. If you would like me to make some kind of graphic for your website/publication/campaign, please email me at

I cannot guarantee that I can accept all projects, as the average graphic takes between 5-12 hours and it is often hard to find time during the week!

Graphic from my July edit

Past promotions for brands/designers:

Edit for Shop Jeen
Post on Cassandra Verity Green 
Post and graphics for Bedhead by Tigi
Edit for Farfetch
Post to promote DENA
Post promoting 
Sister by Sibling runway coverage
Post promoting